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School-to-Work Data System Client Map

Map Legend

Logiztix Field Office Active Service Area
State Agency Non-Serviced Area
Education Service District
Private/Non-Profit Agency

This map is representative of some of our major clients. These include the Oregon Department of Education, Alaska Department of Education and Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, along with many other county and regional government entities. We have worked with several non-profit corporations including the Business Education Compact of Linn & Benton Counties, Management & Training Corporation & the Southern Nevada Regional School-to-Careers partnership. These entities represent hundreds of end-users who have used our software to further their regional School-to-Work programs.

Other project clients include the Coos Art Museum, Oregon Drum, Bay Area Hospital, Alternative Youth Activities, South Coast Office Supply, Healthy Start of Oregon, Southwestern Oregon Community College & Umpqua Community College.