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www.OR3GUN.com OR3GUN was a project developed by LOGIZTIX in 2012 as a resource for the competitive shooting sports. This site features products and services for competition pistol, rifle and shotgun. Visit OR3GUN for an example of our comprehensive marketing, content creation, photography, video production, real-time logistics and product development.
Oregon Drum Oregon Drum was created by LOGIZTIX in 2002 as a retail operation for custom snare drums, built from hand-crafted Myrtlewood shells. Visit Oregon Drum for an example of our application development, database-driven commerce, CAD to CNC process development, logo design, marketing, photography and digital darkroom work.
AcousticDRUMS.com AcousticDRUMS.com was developed by LOGIZTIX in 2001 as a resource for drummers of all skill levels and experience, featuring complete project instructions for drum refinishing, tuning and other advanced acoustic drumming topics. Visit AcousticDRUMS.com for an example of our early content development, internet marketing and on-line community projects.